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Ultra I

Standard features include:

  • Stellar Tech is proud to introduce the Zero Emission air compressor and chemical injection Pump.

    What's it Purpose?
    The Ultra-I is designed to produce compressed air at gas well sites where electricity is not available. The existing pneumatic instrumentation are then operated by air rather than gas
    or propane.

    How does it Work?
    Stellar Tech Ultra-I gets its energy from the gas flow line to drive a reciprocating piston. The gas remains in the system and is returned to the flow line with no venting to the atmosphere. No venting means no loss of revenue and/or possible damage to the environment.

    This rugged, low maintenance system comes equipped with a back-up system. In the event of a planned or unplanned shut down of the Ultra-I, the back-up system will automatically purge the lines with Nitrogen and turn on the gas or propane source to keep the well operating. Production is not interrupted.

    The system's critical operating components are readily accessible. Therefore any required maintenance to the system can be carried out by your field personnel.

    The Ultra-I has a variety of configurations to insure that your compressed air requirements and pump capacities are sufficient to properly operate your well. The differential pressure required to operate the Ultra-I is very low and can usually be found at the well site with no need to further impact the wells production. (See back of brochure for specifications)

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