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WinWellMax & WellMax Viewer

winwellmax_750x563_1.jpgBoth programs can be used for monitoring a WellMax installation, downloading data or processing data (graphs, reports, trends).

  • The first page, Current Conditions, monitors an active WellMax installation. A real-time graph starts updating once every second as soon as synchronization has been established with the WellMax. Check boxes allow you to select what you want graphed and you can optionally save the information to a data file.
  • The second page, Download, allows you to download information from a WellMax. Once you have the serial link connected to the WellMax and the first page is showing the current conditions, just press the Download button. A status message will be updated as the download proceeds. To save the downloaded data, you just need to press the Save Data button on the Process page.
  • The third page, Process, allows you to load data, save data, merge data, generate reports, graphs and export to spreadsheets. You indicate what information will be included on reports and spreadsheet exports, specify a date range for the plot, graph or spreadsheet export and choose what data to plot.

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