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WellMax Data Logger & Controller

This easy to use & install, compact unit will collect data that you can use to analyze your well. View what the well has been doing over the past minutes, hours or days.

  • A user friendly graphical touch screen LCD with sensible wording for easy operation
  • Displays historical data of torque, amps, RPM and estimated fluid level
  • Constantly store data, which can be retrieved by the user, via Stellar Techs hand held Downloader, laptop computer or remotely with the cellular phone option, for interpretation and analysis using Stellar Techs Windows analysis software or any spreadsheet program
  • Control features will monitor the well and react to adverse conditions such as sand, gas or pumpoff conditions. The WellMax will work through the condition by adjusting speed (VFD model), or by shutting down the well (receive alarm call-outs) and restarting after a set elapsed time realistically avoiding rig costs to keep your well producing!
  • A variety of sensors can be monitored and controlled by the WellMax (i.e. Leak detection, surface or sub-surface pressure, flow-line pressure, temperature, flow, vibration, water-cut). Depending on the application, sensors can connect directly to the WellMax.
  • Know what your system is doing even when youre not there. Start a database on your wells and improve your decisions and efficiency
  • Enclosed in a CSA, Weatherproof cabinet, it is ideal for electric motor starters, any existing VFD or hydraulic systems

The unique graphical display on the WellMax provides the operator with a historical plot on-site. The operator can scroll the graph back in time, up to 30 days. He can see what happened overnight or review what happened a month ago right at the well site. Trends and maintenance indicators are graphically displayed on-site for the operator.

Data can be retrieved in a number of ways:

  • Portable Downloader Box
  • Direct Cable to a Laptop
  • Interface with existing SCADA systems
  • CDPD Cell Modems or Radio Via the Internet & Stellar Tech Server

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