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Standard features include:

  • Advanced flux vector technology, giving full torque from zero to motor rated RPM
  • Easy programming
  • Thermostatically controlled heating and cooling inside the cabinet
  • Outside accessible speed control dial for setting RPM
  • Outside ON/OFF control
  • Automatic Restart/Backspin timer is programmed in the VFD; therefore entering into the VFD cabinet to change the time is not necessary and eliminates the cost of an external timer relay
  • If desired, DC injection braking (standard) can be programmed for immediate starts by slowly braking the electric motor and then starting in the forward direction. Used during powering on or off and during power bumps
  • Stellar Tech's WellMax Data Logger and Controller, that can be viewed from the outside, displaying useful data. The displayed data provides the operator with information regarding how the well has been performing and the current operating conditions including amperage, RPM, torque and estimated fluid level
  • Our VFDs have warranties for one year (Outside North America) three years (within North America) on parts, with the first operational month parts and labour
  • Line reactor which reduces reflected harmonics and filters EMI and RFI
  • FUSED MAIN DISCONNECT or a breaker disconnect
  • PC pump or pumpjack with dynamic brake option
  • NEMA 3R enclosure with CSA approval


Features Stellar Tech's WellMax Data Logger and Controller. Easily view what the well has been doing over the past minutes, hours or days. The user-friendly touch buttons on the side of the screen makes it easy to operate and program. The WellMax graphical display shows historical data of torque, amperage, RPM, and estimated fluid level (optional flow rate and pressure). Stored data can be retrieved via Stellar Techs hand-held Downloader, a portable computer, or by our low cost cellular modem option. The retrieved data can be viewed on the WellMax WINDOWS software. Plot AMPS vs RPM, etc., get summary reports of UP TIME and trends over a period of time (i.e. amperage increasing or decreasing percentage). The data allows you to make maintenance decisions and avoid rig costs and keep your well producing. Includes MODBUS serial communication.

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