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System 2000 Recorder/Surface Box software

Stellar Techs System 2000 subsurface, pressure and temperature recorders and surface data loggers use this program for programming and downloading data or processing data (graphs, reports, diagnostics).

  • Fully compatible with all Windows operating systems, our software is easy to understand and operate, even for the inexperienced computer user. Keyboard function keys and drop down menus allow the user to quickly activate the various features of the program.
  • Program Stellar Techs recorders and surface loggers in fixed or variable samples rates. Configure the software to read the calibration file from the tool or your hard drive. As well, select date formats, pressure and temperature in metric or imperial units and ASCII file creation formats.
  • View your test data on your computer screen and/or print out graphs and reports. As well, export the data to ASCII files in various excepted configurations. Analyzing the data is easily achieved by clicking on the screen plot at a point of interest. Pressure and temperature values are displayed above the graph, showing you the numerical information relating to the point of interest. Drag a selection box around a point of interest on the graph and it will zoom in on the selected area giving you a closer look at the data.

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