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Surface Pressure and Temperature Data Loggers

SurfaceLogger_2011.jpg The System 2000 Surface Recorder Box can fill the memory at any sample rate for up to one year using one single 3.6V lithium C-cell. Depending on how the box is configured you can have up to 348,000 samples per pressure channel. This lowers to 290,000 with the external RTD. Field tests have shown that the data quality is equivalent to or better than existing surface box units currently available on the market. The display can be setup to be always on, always off or stay on for a programmed time interval and then shut itself off. If the display is setup to turn itself off, it can be turned back on for the programmed interval by pressing the button on the outside of the box. Display units can be set at time of programming to be whatever units (i.e. kPag or psig) you desire. For added protection of data, a password can be used to prevent unauthorized downloading or reprogramming of the unit. The surface box uses the same software as the System 2000 Downhole Recorder and requires a communication box to interface with your computer. Another add on feature is a wireless communication board which will allow monitoring and downloading without having to physically connect a communication box to the unit.

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