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Stellar Tech Software Solutions

Stellar Tech provides user-friendly software solutions that will help improve the efficiency of your oil field pump operations. We focus on providing meaningful data gathering, remote monitoring and control of your pump system; including hardware backed by the engineering expertise to maximize pump efficiency and production profits.

WinWellMax On-site Data Retrieval & Analysis Software
WellMax Viewer Remote Monitoring & Control Software

WinWellMax software is included free with the WellMax Controller. WellMax Viewer works in conjunction with Stellar Tech Energy Services servers and provides advanced reporting and analysis features not available with WinWellMax . Both provide a database for future operational decisions:

  • Create reports, plots and summaries from the WellMax data
  • Download the WellMax directly via computer or remotely
  • Effective and accurate budgeting
  • Better equipment choices - which pump profile is best, etc.
  • Preventative maintenance scheduling
  • Effective production optimization strategies

WellVision Internet 3-D Remote Monitoring Software

WellVision is our latest development for real time well monitoring and data acquisition using CDPD cell modems or satellite and the Internet as the data highway. Entire fields are mapped and wells are monitored in real time. This allows more effective management of your people by giving attention to the wells that need it.

Downhole Recorder & Surface Box Software

Stellar Tech's System 2000 Recorder/Surface Box software is used to program and process data from both logging devices. Our Windows compatible software is easy to use and designed for field staff that have minimum computer experience. Since a Stellar Tech gauge can have up to 1.2 million data sets, you can select one sample rate for the entire test or multiple sample rate programming.

Check our Download Page for more documentation

The Venezuelan national petroleum company, PDVSA, has confirmed in their field operations that the WellMax estimated fluid level feature is accurate enough to forgo echometer shots which saves approximately $1300 USD per well per month. Not only is this an ongoing savings but the pump production can be controlled with the estimated fluid level feature which improves oil production.