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WellMax & WellMax Downloader

WellMax standalone unit You need accurate data. The WellMax provides all the data you need to make informed projections and decisions. The basic WellMax provides information regarding torque, amperage, RPM or strokes, estimated fluid level (actual fluid level if downhole sensor is used) and optional flow rate, pressure/temperature and vibration. The WellMax Downloader is a small simple device for downloading all the data from a WellMax unit. Just plug the Downloader into the WellMax unit, press the button and after about 20 minutes unplug the unit and store it away for later download to a computer. The WellMax can operate as a stand-alone unit, with its own weatherproof enclosure, or it can be incorporated in the motor controller cabinet (VFD, Soft Start, Across the Line or Hydraulic).

Flux Vector Variable Frequency Drives

Magnum 1000 w/WellMax Easily adjust the speed of your electric motor with Stellar Tech's Magnum 1000. Our system provides precision torque control to protect your pumping system. Features include motor tuned flux vector for optimum torque applications, or V/Hz mode for general and multiple motor applications, line reactor for the reduction of harmonics fed back to the line, serial communications for MODBUS and DEVICENET and selectable backspin time delay before restarting or DC injection braking.

Electric Motors

We distribute high quality Hyundai and TECO-Westinghouse electric motors in various horsepower and RPM. View the Hyundai Motor Specs.

Soft Starters

SoftStarter w/WellMax Stellar Techs NEW Soft Start Torque Controller is the latest technology in solid state motor control bringing advanced features into todays demanding fixed speed oil well control applications. The Torque controller provides cost effective starting, monitoring and protection.

Across The Line Starters

Add peace-of-mind to your next motor starter purchase with Stellar Techs OPC. With the WellMax included, our system provides electronic torque control to protect your pumping system.

Downhole Pressure/Temperature Recorder

Downhole Pressure & Temperature Recorder The Stellar Tech Energy Services SYSTEM 2000 represents years of research, development and expertise associated with all Stellar Tech Energy Services Electronic Pressure and Temperature Recorders. Our high standard of reliability, performance and affordability have been successfully incorporated in this rugged versatile Recorder.

Surface Pressure and Temperature Data Loggers

The System 2000 Surface Recorder Box is a low powered, dependable surface box that can monitor two pressure inputs and an external temperature via an RTD. These sensors allow you to monitor oil and gas well buildups, do flow line analysis (with the optional external RTD) and general pressure and temperature monitoring.

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