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The Stellar Tech Difference

Stellar Tech Energy Services Inc. is a design and integration, manufacturing and service company for the oil industry. We focus on providing low cost, innovative, quality tools that help our customers optimize their wells to achieve maximum efficiency and profits.

Our experience and evolutionary technology provide you with cost effective pump solutions. Our WellMax Data Logger and Controller is the affordable solution for every pump in your oilfield! It can be used as a standalone unit or installed in a Variable Frequency Drive Package, or Soft Start Torque Controller, or Across-the-line Starter.

Stellar Tech Energy Services Inc. is a Canadian, employee owned and operated, contract energy service company and supplier of electronic monitoring and control products.

There are a number of ways in which we can increase the output using the WellMax.

Some examples are:

  • By constantly monitoring the conditions of the well we vary the speed and therefore the torque of the rod so that we may optimize the output of the well and have less stress on the rod.
  • Pump off is particularly concerning because a well that has been pumped off causes a multitude of problems that in many cases becomes too expensive to repair and therefore can no longer be used.
  • Level control prevents such cases of pump off. With the WellMax we can monitor and display the fluid level without the use of sensors.Pressure control can also be achieved using the WellMax so that the well operates at a fixed pressure with tolerances up and down.
  • Torque protection and control is mandatory for a long and profitable life of a well. Rod protection is a direct result and so by setting critical torque levels rod life will be extended exponentially. These savings alone can pay for the WellMax several times over.
  • Flow control can be readily achieved and maintained using the unique algorithms within the WellMax

The WellMax can be used with any VFD or stand alone. The WellMax sends signals in the form of 4-20mA or 0-10VDC for speed control which can then be used on VFD's, solenoids, pressure valves etc.. So the WellMax can be used on hydraulic systems and gas engines.

How does that differ from a VFD? Why use the WellMax ? Doesn't the VFD have the features above?

The WellMax works in conjunction with a VFD. It provides the necessary software and control not present in VFD's. Rod protection based on input rod information, critical level control set points, pressure control set points , enormous amounts of data storage, real time data retrieval and specific pumping software are not features within a VFD.

The bottom line...

By utilizing the data in a well with the WellMax, we can optimize the output therefore we increase production and minimize downtime. The cost of production is therefore less. We cannot control the price of oil... we can control the efficiency in which it is produced.

The Venezuelan national petroleum company, PDVSA, has confirmed in their field operations that the WellMax estimated fluid level feature is accurate enough to forgo echometer shots which saves approximately $1300 USD per well per month. Not only is this an ongoing savings but the pump production can be controlled with the estimated fluid level feature which improves oil production.